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Common QuestionsSurveyor Questions
When/why is a survey needed?
  • Prior to purchasing land to insure what you are buying.
  • Prior to constructing improvements on your property.
  • Prior to dividing land into smaller parcels.
  • Prior to selling property.
  • To verify the amount of land owned.
  • To determine the limits of title of you and your neighbors.
  • To enhance the value of your property.
What different types of surveys are there?
  • Boundary Surveys – normally require extensive research of the chain of title for your property and adjoining properties. This could include other documents such as highway plans, railroad plans, old survey maps, and testimony from unbiased witnesses. In addition, field work across adjoining lands to recover or replace lost corners is often required. Property corners will be marked according to the agreement and a plat of the property with surveyors seal will be delivered to client.

  • Topographic Surveys – result in plats showing the physical characteristics of the subject property. All features, natural and manmade, including spot elevations and existing contours shall be depicted on the topographic map. The data can be obtained by conventional field shots, aerial photography, or other means as outlined in the scope of work.

  • Subdivision Surveys – divide a single parcel into two or more properties. Prior to a subdivision, a boundary survey of the original parcel is normally conducted. Subdivisions are required to meet specific municipal requirements.

  • Land Development Surveys – depict a proposed construction project, along with required improvements. These plans include all the design criteria required to meet municipal regulations (building setbacks, stormwater controls, street designs, etc.).

  • ALTA/ACSM Surveys – combine aspects of Boundary, Topographic, and Land Development Surveys to show the relationship of improvements to the deed boundaries of the property. This survey is used to provide data for Title Insurance, particularly on commercial property.
How much does a survey cost?

Survey costs vary depending on many factors. Sometimes an exact fee may not be offered in advance, but an approximate amount will be given. Factors affecting price include:
  • Type of survey
  • Size and shape of property
  • Amount of research required
  • Physical Terrain
  • Vegetation
  • Amount of existing monumentation.
Should I choose the lowest price?

Not necessarily! Surveying is a highly technical profession requiring expertise in real property law, public records research, evaluation of historical evidence, mathematics, local, municipal, state, and federal regulations, and the use of the most up to date technologies. Contracting with All Points Land Surveys now can save countless future expenses.

What equipment will be used on my project?

Each project is independent. Depending on the need, we may utilize:
  • Automatic level
  • Prismless Total station
  • Global Positioning System (GPS)
  • Geographic Information System (GIS)
  • Computer Aided Drafting and Design (CADD), etc.
How long will it take to complete my project?

Again, each project has it’s own requirements, however an estimated time frame will be offered prior to starting the project. A boundary survey for an existing lot may be completed in a week or less while a complicated land development survey could take several months.

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