All Points Land Surveys All Points Land Surveys, Inc.
Construction, Land Development, GPS, GIS, Boundary, Subdivision, E&S Controls, Stormwater
Former and Current Clients
    Sureveying Clients
  • Dittmar Forestry
  • Midd-West School District
  • Savidge Housing Group
  • Middleburg Borough
  • Bucknell University
  • Swineford National Bank
  • Central Keystone Council of Governments
  • Union County Housing Authority
  • Snyder County Sewage Code Enforcement
  • Freeburg Municipal Authority
  • Kreamer Feed, Inc.
  • Beachy Builders
  • Forest Home Systems, Inc.
Land Survey Central Pennsylvania

All Points Land Surveys, Inc.
511 Maple Avenue, Middleburg, Pennsylvania 17842
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